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Let's connect! This blog is a way for me to connect to you all who have watched my shows in the past and are currently watching my work - Sapna Baabul Ka Bidaai & Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai! Join me in making this blog and ediary active, memorable and special!













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Posted on: 22 April 2010 at 12:00am

Dear Blog Buddies,

   I have gone through all your comments on Bidaai and Yeh Rishta... I understand your anger and pain regarding Ragvir's importance in tracks. Hope that the coming episodes will somewhere make you happy. I liked the observation of not having a much better Salekh's moment a day after consummation. There also have been many observations about Yeh Rishta... which I have forwarded to the creative team.


   The time has come when Director's Kut Production is searching and auditioning fresh faces and new talent for upcoming projects. This is an exciting phase where I hope to meet, nurture and groom new talent who can take the legacy forward of all the leads we have introduced. If any of you are interested or would like to refer somebody who is interested then kindly contact the casting team on the below contact details.

Email - dkpcasting@gmail.com

Mobile - 09819903809
Office Number - 022-40767555

I will connect to you soon.

Your's Truly,

-Rajan Shahi

Thank You!!!

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Posted on: 18 March 2010 at 12:00am

Congratulations to all the €˜Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai€™ and €˜Bidaai€™ viewers.

For the fourth week running, Yeh Rishta....... is no.1 with a TRP of 7.0 and Bidaai is no.2 with a TRP of 6.6 across all channels. Special thank you to all the members who might not have agreed, criticized, felt let down. But have supported Bidaai and Yeh Rishtaa.... all along.

I am proud of my TEAM because they have worked very hard on both the shows and I think these episodes stand for the BEST in terms of script, performance, direction, editing, music......

I am really happy for Bidaai team since they have given a fitting reply to all the people who had written them off. We have achieved our highest ratings even with the advent of the IPL and this has been the most consistent fact that in the last three years we have reached out highest TRP€™s when the IPL goes on.

Tommorrow [19th March], a very fitting song is being telecasted on Bidaai called €˜Badhaai ho Badhaai€™. A song which I have been planning to shoot for the last two years. The engagement party tomorrow with this song, is going to be very interesting.

I am extremely happy that without compromising to false gimmicks and over-the-top drama, we have managed to be consistent in our performance. There will be ups and downs. But once again I want to thank my Bidaai and Yeh Rishtaa.... teams.

'Happy New Year'

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Posted on: 12 January 2010 at 12:00am

Dear Blog Buddies,

Wish you all a very happy new year, hope this year bring you good luck, good health and prosperity, my sincere apologies for the late reply as I'd been traveling lately.

I've read all your comments and I know how connected you all are to my shows and like I always say that nothing is being neglected on my blog, you buddies are my inspiration and motivate me to do exceptionally well in all of my shows, I appreciate all the love and respect I receive from everyone out there, I couldn't have asked for more.

'Bidaai' is one of the shows which is very close to my heart and I'm sure that in due course of time it will reach greater heights and expectations, all the characters are strong and will definitely be seen in different shades in the upcoming tracks as for 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary, thank you all for your warm wishes.

Yours truly
Rajan Shahi.


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Posted on: 30 November 2009 at 12:00am

Dear blog buddies,


It is not always possible to reply specifically to the number of questions asked on the blog, however all your comments are minutely read by me they are formulated as questions, likes and dislikes and are discussed with all 3 creative teams of all the 3 shows. (Bidaai, YRKKH and Swarg).

I have always been open to criticism in regards to all my shows; all comments are welcome because creativity is not rocket science, it always has two points of views some agree and some don't which is justified as every individual is different and has the freedom of speech, I respect all the strong reactions that I come across on the blog and I do know that it is only because of the fact that you all have connected to the shows in a very short span of time however it is very funny to see that one negative comment on the blog each time, which has got nothing to do with my shows but is more of a personal attack to me, such people are not welcome here, please find your own ways and means to vent out your frustrations.

Even if one has a personal comment that he/she would like to highlight, if put across in a nice manner it is always welcome, I request all you buddies to keep the blog clean and healthy and let it be a reflection of you and your thoughts.

Ragini is truly a very strong character and it will definitely be justified in the forthcoming episodes also got an exceptionally good response on the Maha 'SWARG' episode.


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Posted on: 26 November 2009 at 12:00am

'Swarg' has been the most satisfying and enriching show to me as a producer. It not only has good performances, story, and actors but is also extremely entertaining. In the last couple of weeks we saw the TRP's going up and it is very encouraging to see that, according to me the range of the show from where we initially started to where we are today, and heading to where we want to is by far one of the most satisfying and interesting journey I've travelled.

I am confident of 'Swarg' and also know that the best is yet to come. Swarg will now see some mind-blowing twists and turns. Shubh {Pracheen} and Suhani {Archana} are hugely popular which I hadn't realized until I recently went through the media and public reactions in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh; I was truly amazed by their popularity. Gayatri { Vini Arora} will be seen giving an outstanding performance in the upcoming tracks, Infact I've even told my actors and leads from the other shows to watch her performance.  Ansh {Dheeraji} is also one of my favourite characters in the show although his track has not majorly opened up yet,I have come across very good feedback regarding him and it is nice to see that the youth has connected with him too.  Ansh is an extremely hard-working and sincere actor. I'd loved ansh's and gayatri's chemistry in the initial episodes and I'm personally looking forward to see more romance between the two on the show, Let's wait and see what happens in the near future and I'm sure that once the track is explored it will be a brilliant love story which would also compliment the love story of shubh- suhani as already been shown. Awaiting all your feedback on this.

When I read the feedback given in the blog and forum it comes across to me as it might not be as popular a show as in the smaller cities but I'm positive with the upcoming tracks, the show will appeal all across.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have been working with 'Colors'. I admire Saurabh for his vision, clarity, conviction and faith, his entire Team is immensely integrated and focused and the best part is that they all share the same vision, clarity and thoughts.

The 'DKP TEAM' of 'SWARG' comprising of the Actors, Director's, Creative Director's, Writer's, Technicians, and Production are also a very committed and hard-working team. I admire their dedication and hard work and hope they take 'SWARG'to greater heights.The upcoming one hour episode of 'Swarg' which is going to be telecasted this Saturday 28th november 09 is definately an episode to look forward to,it is an extremely interesting episode and will keep you all glued. Looking forward to your reactions on the same.

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