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Welcoming Hina Khan AKA Akshara!

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Posted on: 09 May 2009 at 1:00am

Hey Blog Buddies,

I have been reading all your comments regarding Parul and the new show. I am aware of the fact that all you lovely people are eagerly waiting for Parul's interview. But I apologize for the delay as Parul has been going through a really tough and hectic schedule due to which I really don't want to disturb her! But I promise, it will happen soon! Today when Parul called me and told me that she is out of Jhalak and though she was very upset.  I was sad Unhappy but I know she has been victorious in everything she has done and I would like to talk more about this later in her interview.   

I have also read all your lovely responses to the new show and big thank you from my side for your valuable suggestions and comments Smile A number of you all have asked for information regarding the casting. I always like to cast according to the character regardless of new or established actors.  But for leads I prefer casting new faces the reason to which I shall share with you all later.  If anyone is interested, please mail your photographs to dkpnewtalents@gmail.com or directorskut@gmail.com. You never know, destiny might just have something in store for you....

Lets get back to our much loved Askhara AKA Hina Khan Smile Internet has given birth to wonders, one of them being beautiful Akshara a.k.a Hina. I caught sight of Hina the first time thanks to internet! My audition team comprising of Hitesh and Deepika had gone down to Delhi and conducted auditions in different colleges in Delhi and since I was in a rush to cast soon, they were asked to send the auditions online.  One of them being Hina's. Frankly, the quality of the auditions weren't up to the mark. The girl looked out of place, scared, nervous but she had the most important factor...she had what I required in Akshara - elegance, dignity and sophistication.  Inspite of having an interactive face she comprised of an unbeatable combination of simplicity, dignity and sophistication. I called her immediately and told her that she should catch the next flight to Bombay as she was Akshara. Next day she caught a flight at reached my office totally lost, nervous and scared! And from that day I and my team were very confident that this she was our Akshara.  And obviously, rest is history!

Hina is an extremely confident, intelligent, well read and certainly knows how to carry herself with a lot of dignity. Like portrayed in my shows, she comes from a family whom are really rich in culture and dignity. She is a very family-oriented person and after interacting with her family I was impressed with the values which have been engrained in her.  I admire her father who has given her so much confidence and put so much faith in and trust in Hina's talent.  Hina is a daughter of proud parents and its heartening to see such a beautiful family. 

It is very rare to find such a combination of beauty and brains and fortunately Hina is one of them! Being a fast learner she not only picked up the tricks of the trade quickly but has also put in a huge amount of hardwork. She is an ideal combination of being level headed and extremely hardworking and will definitely make it really big in lifeThumbs Up  As promised, Hina has given her valuable answers to my questions and has shared one of her most memorable incidents of her life with you all. Here you go!

What has changed in T.V. Industry over the years?

Hina: TV started in India with just one DD channel. On only one channel they used to show programs on news & current affairs, education, social issues, sports & entertainment. Later on they started DD 2 as a purely entertainment channel. But the real revolution in the Indian TV industry came about after the arrival of satellite TV in India. Today we have separate channels for news & current affairs, sports, entertainment, religion etc. The quality, contents, packaging and presentation of TV shows has also improved substantially..

Most memorable moment in the industry?

I am a new comer and have begun my career just a few months back. Still. For me the most memorable moment was when I got selected to play the role of Akshara in YRKKH. I consider myself extremely lucky for getting selected by a very good production house lead by no less a person than Mr. Rajan Shahi. I am extremely grateful to Rajan Sir for having shown in me tremendous faith and providing me all the support and guidance which a new comer needs when he or she arrives in the industry for the first time. More so when you are completely raw and don't know ABC of the field. Had it not been for Rajan Sir, Hina Khan would still be an unknown person hiding somewhere in oblivion.

Q.3 Message to the TV audience?

I would like to tell the audience that what they watch on TV as a half an hour show requires lots of hard work and efforts of many days put in by several people who sometimes work round the clock to create that one fine magic moment of artistry on the screen. We all work with extreme sincerity and we would love to receive feedback from our audience. If the find our work admirable the can they can commend it which will encourage us to perform better in future, however, if they find some mistakes the can point them out to us which will enable us to introspect and know where we have gone wrong and rectify our mistakes. It's very important that an artist forms a bond with his or her audience because their support is absolutely necessary for us to keep performing better.

What are your future plans?

Hina: Well, as I have said earlier I was doing my graduation course in Business Management in New DelhiDelhi to appear in my exams. I will be appearing in my final exams around July. Apart from my studies my focus is on my work which I want to do really well and I want to see YRKKH become very successful. I am still new so I have a long way to go and lot to learn. I am very lucky to have very friendly and helpful  co-actors and production team who always go out of their way to take care of my each and every need. I would specially like to thank Rajan Sir for everything he has done for me. I am away from home but I have never felt home-sick because people here have been very nice and affectionate to me. when I got this opportunity to play the part of Akshara in YRKKH. I would still like to complete my studies that's why I keep studying whenever I get time to do so. Only a couple of months back I went to

What are your strengths and weaknesses today?

My strength is my faith in God who has always shown me the right direction and my parents who have been so wonderful and caring all my life and without whose support and encouragement I wouldn't have been able to do whatever little I have done in my life. My weakness is that whenever I am upset or angry with someone I start crying. I just can't hold back my tears. Also, whenever I go shopping I end up spending a lot. At times I just buy too many things.

What is your idea of an ideal marriage?

My idea of a perfect marriage is sharing your life with someone who can be a true soulmate. Marriages are not temporary affairs. They mean a lifelong commitment. Physical appearance alone is not enough as it loses its charm very soon. Ultimately, the things which count for a lifelong bond is understanding, sincerity, care and affection. There should be absolute trust between the two and a willingness to make any sacrifice for each other. In a perfect marriage both the husband and wife should make each other feel that they really love and need each other and that the life o f one is incomplete without the other. A perfect marriage is one where the husband and wife would wish to reunite again in every 'janam'.


I was quite a mischievous child. I was very bold and was not scared of anything. I remember when I was very young, just about four or five years of age, one day I just stepped out of my house and walked away. I wandered on the road and moved on. I don' remember who caught hold of me and took me to the nearby police station. There was a hue and cry at home and everybody was out searching for me .Somehow the police located our address and called my parents who immediately rushed to the police station and to their amazement found me sitting there. Another incident I remember is that I along with my younger brother and cousins went to the same school. Every day on our way back home we used to stop outside a house which had an apple tree in its garden. One of my cousins used to stand on guard while as we used to climb the tree and pluck ripe apples. Somehow our parents came to know of our mischief and they demanded an explanation as to how we had apples with us everyday. While my younger brother and cousins tried to search for a convincing explanation I blurted out that we just stand under the apple tree and the apples drop down from the tree of their own.. Although, very angry my childish explanation brought a smile on the faces of my parents. However, our parents severely admonished us and warned us never to repeat it again. 

Well, I hope you'll liked my short interaction with all of Rajan Sir's Blog Buddies! Please do keep giving Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and me the same love and affection you all have been giving!

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  • Posted on: 21 December 2011 at 2:27amdepika_naksh

  • Posted on: 15 November 2011 at 2:58amhinagul77

    i love hina khan plzzz tell har
  • Posted on: 23 August 2011 at 7:16amdeeptioswal

    i want to see more happier moments of akshara's pregnancies...a phase truly romantic and loving between akshara and naitik
  • Posted on: 09 May 2011 at 4:46amYum_SR

    there is a request!
    plz don't show any miscarriage track in yrkkh.
  • Posted on: 03 December 2010 at 4:45amNakshtr

    hello, HinaG u r the best ......like u so much Akshra
  • Posted on: 24 October 2010 at 11:19amshruti_s

    how r u Hina?
    i like u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Posted on: 23 August 2010 at 11:00pmrtolpadi

    what is this when will snehas role be ended , sneha;s problem be solved
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  • Posted on: 16 June 2010 at 5:34amgupta_parul

    Hello Mr.Shahi,

    Twist which u will be put in ur serial Biddai, its work do u think so? Viewers show ur serial because they related it with their personnel life and most important they are different from Ekta Non sense serails in which Death and marraiges are only part of fun.But in real life it is not so like that.Today life is very stressful and ur serials give ur viewers mental relaxation .If u put same drama like other directors then wat is the difference between u and others.

    Dont follow the same track and try to show that what is the benefits of joint family and their understandings.I just request u to stop playing with ur viewers emotions and feelings.

    I am sure i stop to watch Biddai if u use these type of drama.Now its up to u.

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    how r u
    i want to know that if u have a facebook
    plzzzzzzzzztall my that
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